Utilities & Maintenance Department

The Village Utilities & Maintenance Department maintains the day-to-day operations of the village regarding, Electricity, Water, Sewer, Streets, Cemetery, and Parks. This Department works with residents, the Village staff, the Chairman, and the Board of Trustees to ensure smooth village operations. 

Here are some of the duties of the Utilities & Maintenance Department are:

  • Maintain village streets, alleys, and sidewalks
  • Perform snow removal of city streets and mowing village property
  • Read electric and water meters monthly for utility billing
  • Maintain, repair, and/or replace water meters and curb stops
  • Respond to and investigate resident concerns and/or complaints
  • Regular maintenance and flushing of fire hydrants
  • Perform utility turn-on and shut-off services
  • Maintain park, grounds, equipment, etc.
  • Maintain village vehicles, equipment, and tools
  • Maintenance and care of the Riverside Cemetery
  • Ensuring the electric, water, and sewer departments run efficiently
  • Responding to any electric, water, or sewer emergencies
  • Keeping the electric, water, and sewer systems maintained
  • Maintenance of the city parks, water wells, and lagoons

Contact Info

Shane Lawless
Utilities Superintendent
319 North Tecumseh

Jess Vapenik
Water Operator & Maintenance worker